You need a new approach because your world is changing. Whether it be to address rapidly changing markets, increased competition or the need to address a persistent problem differently, PCG provides the tools and experience to work through the most important decisions facing clients. Experts in strategic planning and operations analysis and review, PCG tailors our approach to the unique business rhythms, industry norms, and expectations of our clients. Expectations are changing and technology is accelerating this evolution.

We can help. PCG has a proven suite of services and tools that help you make optimal decisions. Whether you require a strategic planning exercise, process redesign, supply chain improvement, decision support and comparative bench-marking, PCG can help you get on and stay on the right track.


Operational and competitive landscapes are changing at a pace never before experienced requiring organisations to readjust priorities and adapt to an evolving external environment. At the corporate level, competition is fierce and entire categories are being redefined by technology. At the public sector level, service expectations are increasing without the necessary funding to meet these expectations.

PCG has a systematic process designed to support our clients in preparing strategic actions that are client centered and forward thinking. Our process guides you from the initial discovery of change drivers to organisational diagnostics, and ultimately the use of custom frameworks to not only develop but implement winning strategy.


Changing business and operating environments render old business processes inefficient and costly over time. New tools are available to improve performance, but the heart of performance is business process. Process design helps organisations equip themselves to deliver service today and in the future by creating flexible and efficient business processes.

PCGs process design involves a comprehensive review of current workflows followed by a process redesign in performed in close collaboration with relevant stakeholders throughout the organisation. Our custom methodology helps businesses improve efficiency by taking an end-to-end perspective that considers the entire process and more importantly the people that deliver these processes.


Supply chains are becoming increasingly inter-related, increasingly global, and increasingly complex. An efficient supply chain allows organizations to free up capital for higher value deployment elsewhere.

PCG supports clients across a broad range of industries to improve their supply chains and free up stranded capital. This involves a current state reviews, modeling what-if scenarios, optimizing inventory around confidence intervals, and option analysis to reduce supply chain related risks.


Executives regularly face key decisions that have lasting implications but do not always have the time or resources to exhaustively research or carefully analyse the option set available to them. Similarly, being focused on their own operations, organisations rarely look outward to better understand how comparable organisations are structured, the tools they use, and the outcomes they experience.

PCG supports our clients by dedicating the resources necessary to fully understand the implications of decision options available from a range of perspectives recognising impacted stakeholders as well as quantitative and qualitative impacts.